“Paintbrush - Lens and Dance”

The exhibition in the lobby of the Karmiel Cultural Center

In the exhibit “Paintbrush-Lens and Dance”, a unique cooperative effort, the artist Sylva Zalmanson used the photographs of the photographer Alex Huber as inspiration for her works presented in the exhibition.


Through her paintings, Sylva Zalmanson expresses the universal human desire for freedom.  The healing of the body, the touch of inner strength and softness within. The bold red that controls and is dominant in many of the paintings, leaves us an enchanting sense of magic that captivates the eye. Alex Huber will present his photographic works shot during the past years at the Karmiel Dance Festival, his photographs of dancers during various dance sessions in Israel and his journeys around the world. The exhibit connects the dance - the core element of the Karmiel Dance Festival with the dancers, from around the globe, through the works of Sylva and Alex.