Tips and ways to come by car or public transportaton:

By car:

Karmiel is located on the road between Acre and Safed (Route 85), in the Beit Hakerem Valley. To the north are the mountains of the Upper Galilee and the south - the mountains of the Lower Galilee.

Karmiel is 35 km from Tiberias, 22 km from Acre and 45 km from Haifa.

It is possible to get from the direction of Misgav via road 784


Park-and-Ride parking lot:

There is a Park-and-ride parking lot available at ‘Children's Village’ located at the western entrance to the city. Shuttle buses will leave for the festival complex and return between the hours of 7:00pm and 4:00am (the last time a bus leaves the festival site). The pick-up point at the festival complex is opposite the amphitheater (point 17 on the map) exactly where you left the bus.


Closing of the city to cars:

The city will close the entrance to vehicles (except residents' vehicles) at 7:00pm. From that time cars will not be allowed into the city and can park in the ‘Park-and-Ride’ parking lot.


By public transportation:

Israeli Railways

You can reach the Karmiel station by train.

Details of travel times are available on the website:

Israel Railways: Telephone 077-2324000 or short-dial *5770.


Arrival by bus

From Haifa Central Bus Station to Karmiel: Lines 361,500,501 (Acre Road) 262, 264 (Direct)

The first bus leaves at 5:40am (361), the last bus at 10:30pm261)).

On Thursday only the last bus at 11:30pm (501).

From Karmiel to Central Haifa Bay: 261,361,501,500 (via Acre) 262 (Direct) 260 (via Misgav)

The first bus leaves at 04:55 (261), the last bus at 10:25pm (501).

From Tel Aviv to Karmiel: Line 846 from Tel Aviv Central Station 5:00pm (Arrival at Karmiel at 7:40pm)

From Karmiel to Tel Aviv: line 846, 05:50am, 08:45am

Jerusalem to Karmiel: line 968, 2:00pm, 4:25pm

Karmiel to Jerusalem: line 968, 06:00am, 07:00am, 08:30am

Details of travel times are available at

Egged Modi'in: 03-6948888 or *2800 from any telephone.