Karmiel – a City of Quality

The city of Karmiel lies on the road between Acre and Safed, in the Beit Hakerem Valley. To its north are the mountains of the Upper Galilee and to the south the mountains of the Lower Galilee. The city is 35 kilometers from Tiberias, 22 kilometers from Acre and 45 kilometers from Haifa, and covers an area of ​​about 24,000 dunams.

Karmiel is 250 meters above sea level and is located in the heart of a spectacular and captivating landscape. The climate in Karmiel is dry, tempered and comfortable. We have 55% humidity in April-October, and 65-70% humidity in November-March.

The first settlers arrived in Karmiel in September 1964.  Today, the city numbers about 50,000 people, who constitute 15,000 households.  According to the outline plan, Karmiel will be home to about 120,000 residents in the future.

The city gradually developed, in accordance with its master plan: the founders' neighborhood was built in the years 1964-1978, the southern neighborhood - 1970-1978, the western neighborhood - 1980-1983, the Galilee neighborhood - 1992-1995, Sagi neighborhood - 1990-1993 Givat Ram - From 1991 to 1998, Ramat Rabin was founded in 1996, the neighborhoods of B’ne Beitcha, Giv'at Makush and the Irises -in the years 1984-1998.  These days we started breaking ground to the new neighborhood on Mount Karmi, the Rehav’ham neighborhood.

The structure of the city is special and modern, and there are constant activities to nurture and keep it clean. The city residents enjoy a high level of services. In Karmiel there is a complete separation between the residential and industrial areas.

Each neighborhood operates a separate system of services, which include: nurseries for infants, kindergartens, schools, synagogues, educational institutions and more. This structure ensures the tranquility of the residents and pedestrians in the various neighborhoods.

Construction in Karmiel is modern and diverse. The city has about 1700 dunams of intensive gardening (high level gardening) in about 70 parks. Lawns, tree boulevards, playground and sports facilities. The city also has spacious parking lots, wide roads and good lighting.



Karmiel today numbers about 50,000 people, which are about 15,000 households. The average age in Karmiel is 39, which indicates a relatively young population.

Since the beginning of the 1990s Karmiel has absorbed 20,000 immigrants, most of them from the former Soviet Union. At the same time, in similar numbers, residents from various parts of the country have also been absorbed; families who come to Karmiel to improve their quality of life.

Many members of the "founding generation" live in Karmiel, which teaches about Deep roots and a love of the place.

About 60% of Karmiel residents are veteran Israelis.About 40% of the city's residents are immigrants from 75 different countries around the world.